KOCO customer portal offers your customers convenient and transparent access at all times. Our customer portal provides a detailed overview of container weighings, direct pick-up orders and easy identification at collection points, guaranteeing optimised processes. Benefit from a clear chronological overview and boost customer loyalty through improved service, communication and process optimisation.

Why ?

Nowadays, the tracking and collection of chargeable waste is often opaque, and passing on information to end customers, whether private individuals or businesses, remains a challenge.

This is precisely where we come in. The KOCO customer portal is a digital platform that we have developed especially for our customers. It enables companies to offer their customers access where important information is available at all times and where additional services can be offered.

Our customer portal provides maximum transparency for end customers, can be consulted at any time, strengthens customer loyalty and simplifies processes for both the company and the end customer.

The benefits of the customer portal at a glance :

Detailed overview of container weighing and emptying intervals.

Increased efficiency
Direct orders or collection orders via the portal for optimised processes.

Individual identification
Easy, cost-effective identification at collection points using personal QR codes.

Chronological overview
Clearly structured display of emptying intervals or other transactions.

Strengthen customer loyalty
Intensify and strengthen customer relations through improved service, communication and process optimisation.

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Advantages of our solutions

Quality is the top priority for our solution. That is why our software development and data storage take place in Switzerland.

We speak the language of our customers, have many years of experience and have short distances to our customers.

We are open to new ideas and respond to our customers’ needs. We develop our projects along the value chain of our clients.

We want to create added value for our customers. That is why we think in processes in order to be able to offer the best possible solution.

Our customers include cities, municipalities, waste management and recycling companies, as well as transport companies, construction companies and others. Every day, more than 100 different companies rely on our application.

With our comprehensive modules, we are able to optimise not only individual work steps, but entire work processes.

The KOCO software is compatible with many hardware components of our partners. This allows us to offer and implement projects and system competence from a single source.


Advantages of our solutions

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