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Focus on ecology

The Péchau composting plant covers 7000m2 and composts green waste from the whole surrounding region. The original purpose of composting centres was to divert green waste from collection for incineration. With the awareness of the vital value of organic matter in our agricultural soils, the composting centres became suppliers of this valuable material. Compost has become one of the key products of organic agriculture, providing nutrients that are beneficial to plant growth. This ecologically-minded company reuses all run-off water in a 2 million litre storage tank.

Search for improvements for the client

The composting plant wanted to offer neighbouring communities and businesses the possibility of depositing their green waste 24/7. The company therefore contacted us to develop a solution that would allow them to weigh their waste autonomously, by identifying themselves via an RFID card. Since a challenge never comes alone, we had to find a solution to keep the existing cards, which are useful for other services of the municipality (waste collection).

We opted for a solution with simple and guided use throughout the process via a touch screen, allowing self-service use. Companies are billed monthly, while private individuals pay for their purchases with their prepaid access card.

Wir setzten auf eine Lösung mit einer einfachen Bedienung, die über einen Touchscreen durch den gesamten Prozess geführt wird und eine Selbstbedienung ermöglicht. Unternehmen werden monatlich abgerechnet, während Privatpersonen ihre Einkäufe mit ihrer Prepaid-Zugangskarte begleichen.

The solution : KOCOwallet

KOCOwallet is a virtual wallet and was therefore the perfect solution for this project.
By means of RFID cards, this tool allows to :
– provide 24/7 autonomous access to customers
– manage payments by defining tariffs per type of waste as well as possible customer discounts
– identify customers and manage their access
The objective of offering 24/7 autonomous access has been achieved and now allows great freedom for their customers and a considerable gain in efficiency for the company.


Advantages of our solutions

Quality is the top priority for our solution. That is why our software development and data storage take place in Switzerland.

We speak the language of our customers, have many years of experience and have short distances to our customers.

We are open to new ideas and respond to our customers’ needs. We develop our projects along the value chain of our clients.

We want to create added value for our customers. That is why we think in processes in order to be able to offer the best possible solution.

Our customers include cities, municipalities, waste management and recycling companies, as well as transport companies, construction companies and others. Every day, more than 100 different companies rely on our application.

With our comprehensive modules, we are able to optimise not only individual work steps, but entire work processes.

The KOCO software is compatible with many hardware components of our partners. This allows us to offer and implement projects and system competence from a single source.


Advantages of our solutions

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