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It is well known that rubbish containers do not necessarily beautify the cityscape. Other problems are the lack of storage areas and unpleasant odours from waste. Swiss cities therefore rely on underground containers that are embedded in the ground.

As part of the Smart City project in Marly, Switzerland, in the canton of Fribourg, KOCO Solutions AG presented two smart underfloor waste collection solutions together with its partners G. Kolly SA, Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik and Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG: Both the organic waste container and the large press container are inserted via an above-ground metal column.

All in one

The metal column combines design with smart function. In addition to a modern look, it is equipped with software from KOCO Solutions as well as a card reader and a display. Each customer receives a chip card that he or she holds in front of the card reader for identification when he or she wants to dispose of waste.

By means of an automatic connection to the KOCOwallet, the system checks the customer’s credit balance and shows it on the column display. If there is sufficient credit, the lid of the column can be opened and the waste can be thrown in. If the credit is used up, the lid remains closed and the customer can top up their credit via the KOCO app. An interface to the common digital payment systems has been programmed for this purpose.

Polluter pays principle

The disposal costs are calculated according to weight. For this purpose, a weighing system was integrated into each metal column. Weight and disposal costs are shown on the display.

After confirmation by the customer, the data is transmitted to KOCO and the costs are automatically deducted from the credit balance. Depending on the contract, billing by monthly invoice is also possible. The smart solution is suitable for both commercial and private customers. “For example, in a housing estate, the costs are not redistributed to all residents across the board, but everyone pays for the waste they produce according to the polluter pays principle,


Advantages of our solutions

Quality is the top priority for our solution. That is why our software development and data storage take place in Switzerland.

We speak the language of our customers, have many years of experience and have short distances to our customers.

We are open to new ideas and respond to our customers’ needs. We develop our projects along the value chain of our clients.

We want to create added value for our customers. That is why we think in processes in order to be able to offer the best possible solution.

Our customers include cities, municipalities, waste management and recycling companies, as well as transport companies, construction companies and others. Every day, more than 100 different companies rely on our application.

With our comprehensive modules, we are able to optimise not only individual work steps, but entire work processes.

The KOCO software is compatible with many hardware components of our partners. This allows us to offer and implement projects and system competence from a single source.


Advantages of our solutions

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