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100 years of innovation

The family-owned company Vismara and Co. SA has been active in the field of waste collection and disposal for 100 years. The company, based in Lugano and Mendrisio, employs around 60 people and has a fleet of 15 trucks. An unbelievable 100 tonnes of waste are disposed daily in their waste centres.

Process optimization

In order to operate successfully in the market for so long, it takes not only conscientious and honest work, but also the courage for change and innovation, which is exactly what characterises the company.

We are therefore very pleased to support such a traditional company as Vismara in improving its processes with our KOCOobject and KOCOevent products. In the future, the company will optimise and track all processes related to container rental with our solutions.

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Advantages of our solutions

Quality is the top priority for our solution. That is why our software development and data storage take place in Switzerland.

We speak the language of our customers, have many years of experience and have short distances to our customers.

We are open to new ideas and respond to our customers’ needs. We develop our projects along the value chain of our clients.

We want to create added value for our customers. That is why we think in processes in order to be able to offer the best possible solution.

Our customers include cities, municipalities, waste management and recycling companies, as well as transport companies, construction companies and others. Every day, more than 100 different companies rely on our application.

With our comprehensive modules, we are able to optimise not only individual work steps, but entire work processes.

The KOCO software is compatible with many hardware components of our partners. This allows us to offer and implement projects and system competence from a single source.


Advantages of our solutions

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